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Fake EE Bill

For incredibly realistic fake EE bills, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need a novelty EE bill for a prank, or a genuine-looking replica for your records, ReplaceYourDocs guarantee the best fake EE bills online.

What is a fake EE bill?

Our fake EE bills are copies of genuine EE bills that have had important information modified, such as the address, bill amount, phone number, itemised use, line rental expenses, extra charges, etc.

In terms of font, layout, and format, a fake EE bill is an exact replica of an actual EE bill. Our novelty EE bills look and feel just like a real EE bill, with the exception that you’ve edited the information on them!

ReplaceYourDocs guarantees almost perfect replicas of all your utility bills, because we print them using the most recent printing technology, and our bill templates are created from recent bills.

What can I do with a novelty EE bill?

You cannot use fake EE bills for any fraudulent or illegal purposes.

While you can’t use your novelty EE bills for official purposes, you can have heaps of fun with them…

From winding up your parents, to playing a practical joke on your spouse, to teaching children about the cost of living, our customers buy replica EE bills from ReplaceYourDocs for multiple reasons:

Playing pranks

Who doesn’t enjoy a good windup? Do you know someone who frets over their monthly phone or internet bills? Do you want to send them a surprise bill with an outrageous price increase?

Watch their face fall as you trick them into thinking they’ve actually blown their budget. Perhaps you might edit it to imply the bailiffs were coming round to collect their dues…

It’s your fake EE bill, you can have fun with it.

Novelty gifts

What do you give the person who has everything? What about a novelty present of a fake EE bill?

An altered EE bill to reflect absurdly low charges is a fantastic novelty gift idea for people who consistently run up high bills, or who use up all their data within the first few days of the new month.

This fake EE bill could be the lowest bill they've ever seen. It’s the perfect gift because it’s considerate, it demonstrates how well you know them, it’s inexpensive, and best of all, it can be delivered in just a couple of days.

A fake EE bill makes the best present for that hard-to-buy for friend or family member, especially if you’ve left the present buying until the last minute.

Props for a theatre or TV performance

A fake EE bill makes the perfect theatre prop. Do you really want an audience clocking your old real bill? What if they see your address? Your account number? There are multiple reasons why you don’t want to use an actual phone bill for a scene:


What better way to provide financial and budgeting education with realistic copies of actual bills? Our replica EE bill are the perfect training tool for teachers, educators and parents to use when teaching youngsters about real-world costs and budgeting for them.

  • Data protection : Anything shown on television could accidentally reveal your personal details, including your name, address and account number. If this information falls into the wrong hands, it’s too easy to become a victim of fraud. Err on the side of caution and keep your actual account information off the big screen.
  • Realism : Companies change their logos and bill layouts all the time, therefore you want your production to be as realistic as possible. An outdated bill with an old logo could ruin your performance. Our templates are kept updated, ensuring that the fake EE bill you receive will look as real as a genuine one.
  • It’s easy to replicate : the main reason you don’t want to use a real, old EE bill in a theatre or TV performance is it’s so easy to order replicas. Simply choose your template. Fill in the form, and order your fake EE bills from ReplaceYourDocs.

How to order a novelty EE bill

To order a replica EE bill online, follow our easy steps:

  • Order : Click on the 'buy documents' link at the top of the page. Browse through the categories and select the product you would like. Fill out the order form with as much information as possible.
  • Pay : We will do our best to review the order and make sure that all the necessary information has been entered. You will receive an email with payment instructions. Upon request, we can email you a sample of a previous order before payment.
  • Get a digital copy : Documents are usually completed the following day. After the document is complete you will be emailed a PDF copy.
  • Review : You may check the PDF copy and request a list of changes. Once the changes have been completed, you will receive an updated PDF copy until you are happy with the final result.
  • Paper copy : Once you have approved the PDF copy, we will send you a paper copy at your request by post which should arrive within 2 days.