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Fake Pure Planet Bill

By law you can’t edit your original Pure Planet bill. So, if you need an adjusted energy bill for novelty purposes, buy a replica Pure Planet bill from ReplaceYourDocs. A novelty Pure Planet bill from ReplaceYourDocs is a versatile, authentic-looking, high-quality document that, at first glance, could easily pass for the real thing.

What is a fake Pure Planet bill?

A fake Pure Planet bill looks and feels like a genuine Pure Planet bill. Our replica bills are created using the most up to date templates, and printed on high quality paper, using the latest printing technology. To the untrained eye, our novelty Pure Planet bills are the real deal.

Why would you need a fake Pure Planet bill? Because you can’t edit the details on a real bill, but you can on a replica Pure Planet bill.

Need to change your billing address? Adjust the figures? Amend the costs and charges? Our replacement bills look almost identical to a real Pure Planet bill in terms of layout, typography, even logo.

The content however, is edited as you see fit.

What can I do with a novelty Pure Planet bill?

You cannot use fake Pure Planet bills for any fraudulent or illegal purposes.

You can use a novelty gas or electricity bill in many different ways, such as to keep track of your energy use, to track your spending on bills, or to simply fool family members with a fake bill for an exorbitant amount.

Our clients have created replica energy bills for a variety of reasons:

Tracking energy usage

It makes sense to keep an eye on your energy consumption in light of rising energy bills. Having copies of replacement Pure Planet bills on hand is an excellent way of monitoring your energy usage and expenditure over time.

As a result, you might find you need to alter your lifestyle as a result of seeing how your energy usage increases month on month.

Teaching students to budget

A must for modern living is to teach the next generations how to budget. With easy access to cheap credit, too many young people are living outside of their means. Teaching students how to budget their money is essential.

But do you really want your students to have a good look at your actual energy usage? It’s an invasion of privacy.

Simply create a replica Pure Planet bill with increased energy usage. A bill that looks and feels like the real thing is going to have more of an impact on students than a spreadsheet with numbers or a calculation on a white board.

Having a copy of the bill if you house share

Having a replica Pure Planet bill is useful for tracking costs if you live in a shared household. There can be no disagreements or discussions over how much each individual owes if everyone has their own copy of the bill.

As a spare Pure Planet bill

How many times have you been asked to prove your identity, or verify your address with a recent utility bill? It happens all the time.

Having a replica copy means you are never without your important documentation when you need to share them. Simply order replica Pure Planet bills from ReplaceYourDocs and safeguard against losing or damaging the real bill.

Novelty presents

Everyone knows someone who keeps the heating on even during a heatwave. Give them the best birthday present ever: the cheapest Pure Planet bill they’ve ever seen.

Give them a truly unique gift and make them laugh at the same time. When you buy a replica Pure Planet bill from ReplaceYourDocs, you don’t just get emailed a copy of your replica document, you get a hard copy too.

Shows and performances

Show productions often rely on the props they use to enhance the performance and reinforce the context of the message. Any scene that relies on a utility bill, be it a theatre show or video production, should choose a near-perfect replica utility bill for ultimate realism. The appearance of a real bill, with details edited so that no personal information is accidentally leaked, really works to hammer home the message - whether it's a character furious with a bill cost, or a news show covering the energy market.

How to order a novelty Pure Planet bill

To order a replica Pure Planet bill online, follow our easy steps:

  • Order: Click on the 'buy documents' link at the top of the page. Browse through the categories and select the product you would like. Fill out the order form with as much information as possible.
  • Pay: We will do our best to review the order and make sure that all the necessary information has been entered. You will receive an email with payment instructions. Upon request, we can email you a sample of a previous order before payment.
  • Get a digital copy: Documents are usually completed the following day. After the document is complete you will be emailed a PDF copy.
  • Review: You may check the PDF copy and request a list of changes. Once the changes have been completed, you will receive an updated PDF copy until you are happy with the final result.
  • Paper copy: Once you have approved the PDF copy, we will send you a paper copy at your request by post which should arrive within 2 days.