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Fake Three Bills

At ReplaceYouDocs we offer incredibly realistic fake Three bills. Whatever you need a Three bill replica for, our printing technology, up-to-date templates and editing skills are sure to provide a brilliant copy of the original - just edited to suit your needs.

What is a fake Three bill?

A fake Three bill is a replica of a real, genuine Three bill, with key details changed such as: Address, bill amount, phone number, itemised usage, line rental costs, added charges.

A fake Three bill is essentially a duplicate of a real Three bill, right down to the typography, layout and format. It looks like a real Three bill - except you can change the details to show what you want.

ReplaceYourDocs use the latest printing technology and up-to-date templates to guarantee almost exact replicas of all utility bills.

What can I do with a novelty Three bill?

You cannot use fake Three bills for any fraudulent or illegal purposes. Our customers use their novelty utility bill in a variety of ways -the only limit is your imagination, really. A replica Three bill can be used for a range of novelty and administrative purposes, from a bit of fun to a genuinely useful tool for budgeting and cost tracking. Replica Three bills are commonly used for:


Do you know someone that obsesses over their phone or broadband bills each month? Want to give them a horrible shock or pleasant surprise? A replica Three bill can certainly deliver! Add an extortionate cost or huge increase to the bill and watch their jaw drop in disbelief!

Novelty gifts.

How about a fake Three bill for a novelty gift? For people that always run up their bill too high, or spend all their allowance on data, an edited Three bill to show ridiculously low costs is a great novelty gift idea for the lowest bill they’ll ever see. It’s thoughtful, shows how much you know them, low cost and best of all, available in 2 or 3 days. Perfect if you’ve left it to the last minute!

Props in TV shows and theatre performances.

For any scene where a bill is needed, a fake bill is a better choice rather than using an old copy of a real bill. Why? There are several reasons:

Data privacy.

Anything live or recorded could accidentally reveal someone’s personal details like their full name, address and account number(s). With these details, it’s easy to commit fraud. The risk of using an actual bill are too great, especially in an age of high resolution recording.

Realism and accuracy.

Companies change their logo and bill templates all the time. Using a bill that’s years old can easily ruin the illusion that it’s a real bill - and where performances are concerned, that’s a big deal. Our Three bill templates are always up to date so there’s no risk of using an out of date template.

Easy replication.

Simply order multiple copies of the same bill, or bills with different amounts if necessary. Relying on one single bill is asking for disaster in a production environment where things can get lost, moved or damaged. With a fake bill there’s no risk of it being lost forever, you can order a new one and receive a digital copy immediately, and a print copy within a couple of days. Problem solved.

Educational purposes and training aids.

Proper budgeting is an essential skill for life. Being proactive and teaching children and teenagers about budgeting for everyday bills like gas, electricity, phones and broadband is something all educators should be considering - be it a parent, carer, teacher or family member.

One of the biggest challenges is getting people to take budgeting seriously. It’s hard to conceptualise numbers on a spreadsheet. Compare that to a real paper bill in your hand, clearly stating in black and white how much you need to pay, is much more realistic and effective at delivering the message. Combined with other utility bills, it’s easier to demonstrate typical household costs and the importance of budgeting for them.

Personal record-keeping.

Keeping a paper record of your bills is a great way to keep track of your budget and spending. While digital files and data are convenient, it’s easy to lose access to it by forgetting passwords and email addresses, being limited to how far you can look back, and even data loss and security breaches.

A hard copy of your phone bill, like a replica Three bill, is easily filed and dated making retrospective budget reviews simple. This is particularly useful for businesses and sole traders where accurate record keeping is essential for submitting tax assessments and records.

Multiple occupier record keeping.

If you live in a property with several other people, be it student housing, a house of shared ownership, split tenancy or even a large family household, ensuring everybody has their own copy of utility bills is a great way to keep everyone clear about monthly expenses. When it comes to disagreements about finances or monthly household expenses, a copy of a replacement Three bill in your files is undisputable proof of each monthly expense.

How to buy a replica Three bill

To buy a replacement Three bill online, follow our easy steps:

  • Order: Click on the 'buy documents' link at the top of the page. Browse through the categories and select the product you would like. Fill out the order form with as much information as possible.
  • Pay: We will do our best to review the order and make sure that all the necessary information has been entered. You will receive an email with payment instructions. Upon request, we can email you a sample of a previous order before payment.
  • Get a digital copy: Documents are usually completed the following day. After the document is complete you will be emailed a PDF copy.
  • Review: You may check the PDF copy and request a list of changes. Once the changes have been completed, you will receive an updated PDF copy until you are happy with the final result.
  • Paper copy: Once you have approved the PDF copy, we will send you a paper copy at your request by post which should arrive within 2 days.