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P45 Info

One of the more valuable HMRC/Tax documents is a P45. Why? Because it is one of the most essential documents for job candidates seeking employment in the UK. Standard procedure for any potential new employer is to request that you provide a P45 document as verification of your tax code.

If you fail to provide this important document, it just might result in you paying excessive taxes which, of course, no one wants to do. Having this critical document on hand will save you both money and heartache down the road. Without it, your new employer will most likely have to use an emergency tax code instead of the correct one that is specific to your individual tax situation.

How to order a replica P45 document online

Fill out our easy to understand order form and place your order today for a replacement P45 document. Have a digital copy in just one business day.

  • Step one: Choose the number of P45s you need and which P45 parts you want:
    • Part 1 - Details of employee leaving work
    • Part 1A - Details of employee leaving work
    • Part 2 - Details of employee leaving work
    • Part 3 - New employee details
  • Step two: Fill out your personal information including your e-mail address and your delivery address.
  • Step three: Fill in the necessary information for the novelty P45. To prevent delays (often caused by errors or missing information), please ensure you complete the form accurately:
    1. Old employer PAYE reference number
    2. Your National Insurance number
    3. Leaving date
    4. Tax code at leaving date
    5. Total pay to date in this employment
    6. Total tax to date in this employment
    7. Works number/Payroll number and department or branch
    8. Date of birth
    9. Gender
    10. Old employer's full name
    11. Old employer's full address
    12. Date of P45
    13. Title
    14. Name as it appears on P45
    15. Address as it appears on P45

Why choose ReplaceYourDocs for a fake P45?

At ReplaceYourDocs, we are proud to offer a range of top-quality novelty documents, from fake bank statements to replica payslips, all tailored to meet your specifications, needs, and budget.

Our replacement documents are similar to that of your original P45. Meaning the final copies not only look like genuine documents but they feel real too. But rest assured, all digital copies, don't feature the terms 'SAMPLE' or 'SPECIMEN' anywhere on them.

When you choose to buy a fake P45 via ReplaceYourDocs, we guarantee a quick turnaround with your replica HMRC P45 documents available in both print and digital formats:

  • Receive a digital version of your fake P45 via email the next business day.

How to use a fake P45 document

Are you in need of a convincing looking replacement HMRC P45 document or a novelty P45 for pranking purposes? Has your original P45 been misplaced and now you need a copy of the official document? Then you've come to the right place.

In short, a P45 is a government form that shows how much tax you've paid in the current tax year up to the point you left your old job. It's primarily used to calculate how much tax you should pay in your new job.

Some key details about a P45:

  • It's issued by your employer when you leave your job
  • It has four parts: Part 1, Part 1A, Part 2, and Part 3
  • Part 1 is sent to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
  • Part 2 and 3 should be given to your new employer
  • Keep Part 1A for your own records

If you're looking for a replica of this crucial document, our skilled design team can efficiently and expertly craft a fake HMRC P45 copy for you. And you can choose what information you'd like it to contain.

So what are the potential uses of a novelty P45?

A novelty P45 is a fake P45 and is not intended to be used for any official purpose. It can be used for fun or creative purposes, our clients, for example, have used theirs for:

  • As a gag gift. You could give a fake P45 as a joke gift to a friend or family member who is a tax accountant.
  • As a piece of art. You could frame your novelty P45 as a piece of art or display it on a wall.
  • As a conversation starter. You could put a novelty P45 on your desk or coffee table to start conversations with people. For instance, start a conversation about the absurdity of the tax system. Or as a teaching point for young people about the importance of financial literacy.
  • As a way to express your creativity. You could decorate a novelty P45 with your own artwork or messages.
  • As a prop for a comedy sketch or play. The replica P45 could show that a person has paid negative income tax or that their national insurance contributions are in the millions of pounds.

The possibilities are endless! Just use your imagination and have fun with it.

However, do remember a novelty P45 is not a legal document and should not be used for any official purpose. If you need to provide proof of your income and tax payments, you should use a genuine P45 with your real income and tax information.

Please note: You cannot use a fake P45 for illegal purposes. It's illegal to use fake documents like a fake P45 for any official purpose, doing so can have serious legal consequences.

Order replacement P45 documents online from ReplaceYourDocs

Order realistic looking fake P45 documents online today from ReplaceYourDocs. We're committed to customer service and take great pride in our reputation for providing our customers high quality replacement documents that exceed your expectations.

One important note: In order to produce the most accurate and reliable documents for you, we need proof of ownership for the replacement documents you are requesting. As the authentic document owner you're responsible for providing us with legitimate identity details so we can complete your order and process a replica copy of HMRC P45.

Finally, please remember, all documents produced by ReplaceYourDocs are to be used for novelty or entertainment purposes only. These fake documents can not be used in place of official documents.